Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 7

By Naveed Anjum

Hagar, Ishmael, and Gabriel in the Wilderness of Mecca. Nicolas Colombel (1682).Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dIn Sahih Bukhari, Book 55, Hadith 583, Ibn Abbas (the cousin of Prophet Mohamed) states:

Ishmael’s birth to Hagar caused strife between her and Sarah, who was still barren. Abraham brought Hagar and their son to a land called Paran or (Faran in Arabic) Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 6

By Naveed Anjum

Hagar's Journey from the Paran Desert in the Sinai to Mecca in ArabiaIsrael — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dIt was in Canaan that Abraham fathered his two sons, Ishmael with Hagar and Isaac with Sarah. Islamic traditions confirm that Abraham left Isaac and Sarah in Canaan, but he left Ishmael and Hagar in Makkah. Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 5

By Naveed Anjum

Quran - Chapter 21, Verses 71-72Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dNow, in the Quran, the life of The Israelites began upon the arrival of Abraham in the Holy Land. This was when it was still known as The Land of Canaan. Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 4

By Naveed Anjum

Cover - QuranCover - HadithCover - Bible, HebrewIsrael — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dAs much as possible, I will endeavor to use Islamic resources to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Zionist State. I will provide the number for Quranic verses and Islamic traditions that achieve this purpose in different episodes. Nonetheless, I will include Biblical references as long as they are not in conflict with the Quran. Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 3

By Naveed Anjum

Kisah Israiliyat dalam Tafsir and HadithIsrael — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dUnderstand that for almost every story or part of a story that relates to Prophets of Israel in the Quran, you need to study the same events in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Otherwise, you will be left with uncertainty and a lack of clarity about them and the events involving them. Thus, we see the necessity of Israeliyat in Islam. Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 2

By Naveed Anjum

Israiliyyat or Israliyaat are Biblical resources used in IslamIsrael — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dThere is a serious lack of knowledge prevalent in Islamic countries, because the Media does not correctly inform people with truth and facts, and our Islamic priests and scholars fail to adequately inform our people with sufficient true, religious facts. Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 1

By Naveed Anjum

Arabs are from Arabia, Jews are from JudeaIsrael — A Jewish HeritageI will begin by introducing myself. I am Naveed Anjum, a Muslim. In this series, I intend to prove that the land of Israel is a Jewish heritage. Many people of today, particularly in the Islamic World, believe that Jews have no connection to the land of Israel, but that it originally was Palestine and belonged to Muslims. Continue reading

Israel versus South African apartheid

By Naveed Anjum

Chart of South African apartheid versus non-apartheid Israel


Apartheid is an Afrikaner word which means separation. The term came into use in the 1930’s, and from 1948 until 1994 became the official policy of the white South African government. It referred to the system of segregation that was institutionalized to maintain supremacy of the white South Africans over the non-whites. Continue reading

One More Media Bias against Israel

By Naveed Anjum

Al Aqsa closed after IDF attacks on MuslimsMedia Bias against the Jewish StateIsrael has faced the worst Media bias throughout her history. There are thousands of incidents in which Israel is portrayed as a violent and aggressive state. Featured is a screenshot from the Newspaper, World Bulletin, in which their heading claims that Israeli Defense Forces attacked Muslims in the Al Aqsa Mosque. Continue reading