Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 5

By Naveed Anjum

Quran - Chapter 21, Verses 71-72Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dNow, in the Quran, the life of The Israelites began upon the arrival of Abraham in the Holy Land. This was when it was still known as The Land of Canaan.

Quran - Chapter 21, Verses 71-72
Quran – Chapter 21, Verses 71-72.

This followed God’s order for Abraham to go to what became The Holy Land. This is mentioned in Surah Anbiyaa, verses 71 and 72:

We delivered both him [Abraham] and Lot to the land that We had blessed for all beings. And in addition to that, We gave him Isaac and Jacob and made both of them righteous.

We clearly see that it was God who brought Abraham into the Holy Land of Canaan. However, another important point is revealed in reading the above Quranic verse. Whenever God discusses the Holy land, He associates with it the names of Isaac and Jacob. This is very significant. It is also important to note that, since the Quran does not mention the migration in detail, we must look to the Jewish Bible (Old testament for Christians), because that is where we find those details, as I mentioned previously.

I will come up with more traditions and Quranic verses in the following episodes.

Thank you.

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  1. Do you know that the name of God in hebrew, in the Old Testament, is EL? EL=ALLAH nearly the same !

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