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The mission of this non-profit work is to prove the legitimate existence of Israel to the Islamic World and other anti-Semites, and to educate the ignorant masses about the legitimacy of the Jewish state from revered historical, archaeological, and religious sources. Your financial help is needed for this great work.

If you find my work beneficial and fruitful toward the Jewish State, eliminating extremism, and beneficial for Humanity, please consider assisting me in carrying out this humanitarian task. I hope you can and will support me in my current need, just as you helped me to leave my home country to setup residence in a Southeast Pacific Asian country.

I am asking for your contribution of any amount that you can easily afford. If you are able, please consider making a monthly contribution. However, please give only when you are able and feel free to donate any amount at any time.

All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Each month, I will keep you informed of progress toward this goal by posting daily donation status updates until the goal is reached or exceeded.

If you are interested in more details, please visit my Support This Cause page.

Please donate here through my trusted fundraising coordinator, James Capers.

Here is the method to donate:


  1. Copy this eMail address:
  2. Click the below Donate button with the finger on it and paste the eMail address in the box that contains the words, “Their email or phone number”

  1. Fill-in the amount
  2. Click the “Send Money” button
  3. Follow PayPal’s instructions

Your donation will be deposited into my charity’s PayPal account:

Click here to donate to Naveed Anjum's charity work


If you wish to donate through Western Union or MoneyGram, kindly Inbox me. Finally, if you are not able to support me financially, your prayers and moral support are very welcome.

I thank you with all of my heart,

—Naveed Anjum

You are supporting a GREAT CAUSE

If you do not have a PayPal account, they are free and easy to create. Get your free Paypal account, and you can add funds into it from your credit card or your bank account at:

If you prefer to make a contribution through Bank Transfer, please send an eMail request to Naveed at the following eMail address with the Subject:

“Bank Transfer Details”

Photo of Naveed Anjum, 2015Naveed Anjum, a pro-Israel, Zionist Muslim, is the founder and owner of this blog. He also is the founder of several Facebook groups and pages. To learn more about Naveed, continue to his About page…


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