Anti-Semitism in Australia

By Naveed Anjum

Anti-Semitism in Australia has risen about 31% in recent yearsAnti-Semitism in AustraliaAlthough, for a long time, Australia was considered a very good and safe place for Jewish people to live, within recent years, anti-Semitism has risen significantly in the country.

Anti-Semitism in Australia has risen about 31% in recent years
Anti-Semitism in Australia has risen about 31% in recent years.

  • In 2013, a Jewish family of five, while walking home after attending synagogue and a Shabbat dinner in Sydney, were physically assaulted by a group of eight young males
  • Ten months later, during the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, on a school bus in Sydney, around thirty Jewish students, ages 5-12 years, were subjected to physical and verbal threats by five male teenagers who abused them with yelled anti-Semitic slurs such as “all Jews must die”, “Heil Hitler”, and threats of “we’re going to slit your throats!”
  • April 3, 2016 – Sydney – The Maroubra synagogue was spray painted with several swastikas

In addition to occasional physical attacks and threats, Australian Jews’ sense of security is affected by other factors such as occasional hostile media coverage of Jewish and Israeli issues, hostile political and online commentary, and anti-Israel propaganda and protests. The power of words, when given free, wild, and uncontrolled reign, can create an unfriendly, poisonous, and even deadly atmosphere for those who are targeted by racism. Words, alone, are capable of inciting hatred, violence, and even murder.

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Anti-Semitism in Australia — 3 Comments

  1. Years ago it was unthinkable to imagine negative feeling towards Jews in Australia. Even, way back in Menzies time, in the fifties-sixties, when the ” Bloody Newcomer ” expression was a frequently heard slogan, it wasn’t directed against Jews but rather against other immigrant groups.The reason for the present phenomena obviously happening because the recently grown Muslim population. Islam definitely have a controlling aim regarding this huge island nation.

  2. Be it noted that the Australian General(Monash) on the $100 note was a German Jew. Objections were raised when he was to be promoted for his skills on the Western Front, not because he was German, but because he was Jewish.

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