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Help Save Many Lives!

For over a thousand years, Muslims have fought or been in continuous war with Jews in an unending dispute about whether Israel is a Jewish homeland and nation with a right to live and exist. Tens of thousands and perhaps countless lives have been lost over the centuries because of the unending and ongoing hatred and genocide of the Jewish people! Our Creator (G-d) has enlightened many of us to know that HE will not allow HIS chosen people, the Jews and the nation of Israel, to be destroyed from the face of the earth by Muslims or any other peoples. However, the senseless battle rages on!

There are those, like Naveed Anjum, the Muslim zionist who deeply desire with all their hearts to reveal TRUTH! Yes, Naveed is bringing forth, with documented facts, the TRUTH that Israel is the Jews’ RIGHTFUL nation and homeland!

Naveed wants to broadcast on radio stations in Israel and, G-d willing, elsewhere in the Middle East, to reach, teach, and educate Muslims about the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish nation. Naveed is a well-educated man who is able to reach tens or hundreds of thousands with accurate, Biblical, Quranic, and historical information and documented facts—TRUTHS—about Israel as the rightful homeland and country of the Jews and their nation. Through many centuries, historians and other scribes have recorded facts that establish this truth. Naveed’s major objective is to correct the errors of incorrect teachings and misinformation that have been promoted by those who love war. He wants to bring PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST and the entire world!

Please support Naveed in his efforts to reach:

  • Muslims
  • Any who are unaware of the facts, and
  • All who have been misinformed

about the Truth:

Israel RIGHTFULLY belongs to the Jewish people!

Naveed did provide a private teaching and learning institution that was hidden, in which he educated people. He loves to FREELY teach and educate people about the PEACEFUL aspects of Jewish and Christian teachings and beliefs, and the too often hidden portions of the Islamic religion. Islamic rules or laws do not permit this kind of education, which is why Naveed required strict secrecy to teach very privately and maintain his educational institution in confidence.

At this current time, however, due to Naveed’s need to remain in hiding within his homeland just to stay alive, he is unable to conduct this education. He has already been physically attacked, there have been death threats against his life, and he is in mortal danger!

Naveed is in need to get to a country where he can legally register a non-profit charity organization to support his cause and enable him once again to run his institute. His passion is to educate people about the Legitimacy of Israel. From such an organization, he will be able to lecture or send professional lecturers to lecture in schools and universities on this topic. In addition, he intends offering very low-cost education for Jewish and Christian children in poor countries.

In addition, Naveed wants to do charity work such as helping others who also are in situations, like his, where their lives are in danger because of their beliefs. He wants to be able to help them escape and start a new life in safety.

Therefore, to further these causes, Naveed wants to open and manage his organization in a safe country where he can promote these peaceful Jewish, Christian, and Islamic beliefs, remove the misinformation and misunderstandings within Muslims’ minds, and help people escape persecution and death for their beliefs and start a new life in safety.

The heart of Naveed’s mission for his organization is combating anti-Semitic propaganda. To fulfill his mission, Naveed proposes preparing a team from Islamic resources that will travel to as many schools, colleges, and universities as possible and give lectures that combat anti-Semitic lies and prove the legitimacy of Israel as the Jewish state. The added charity work of assisting religious victims such as himself to escape their terror and live in safety is a result of his own experience. For these great works and to further these passionate and urgent causes, Naveed needs your encouragements!

Naveed needs to get to a country that is safe for him to live, create his non-profit charity organization, send out lecturers to educate everyone about the Legitimacy of Israel, continue working for the religious freedom of the oppressed and terrorised, and promote The Legitimacy Of Israel!

—Introduction by James Capers


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