Visits: 159 Support This Cause By Naveed Anjum Dear Friends and members,My main aim is to create awareness in Muslims and other Anti-Semites regarding the facts about Middle East which they are deprived of due to biased international media. … Continue reading

Sweden and Anti-Israelism

Visits: 5By: Yonathan Avner Ben Yisrael Many people around the world saw the headlines several weeks ago that Sweden’s newly inaugurated left-wing government, on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar and mere days after the controversial election results, had … Continue reading

My Ambitions

Visits: 5A citizen of India suggested that I consider moving to India. Being a Pakistani moving to India would be a worse situation than staying in Pakistan because


Visits: 10Dear Friends and Members, On the Auspicious occasion of my Birthday, kindly support my virtuous cause for the betterment of humanity The mission of this non-profit work by Naveed Anjum is to prove the legitimate existence of Israel to … Continue reading