English Transcript of My Speech to Pakistan for Recognition of Israel

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By Naveed Anjum

A message to Pakistani brothers regarding Israel

The following is a video speech that I gave to my Pakistani Muslim brothers, and a transcript of it translated from Urdu into English.

Hello Assalam u Alaikum,

I am a Pakistani and indeed a Muslim, and I want to share important facts with my Pakistani Muslim brothers with the hope that they will pay attention to what I say.

The theme of my speech is: "Why do we hate Jews and Israel?" It's right that we are Muslims and believe in Islam. However, what logic do our radical elements give for hating Jews and not recognizing Israel? They try to brainwash us on the basis of the Quran and Hadiths. As far as the Hadiths are concerned, you know that many of them are contradictory to each other and inauthentic. Our main source document is the Quran.

Now when we look in the Quran, I admit there are certain verses which say Jews and Christians can't be your friends. However, there are some personal opinions regarding those verses, which is that those verses were revealed according to the political situations of that time, when the Prophet was in confrontations with the Jews of Medina. Nowhere does the Quran say that Jews and Christians will always be your enemies. On the other hand, the Quran explicitly states that “We commanded Moses to enter the Holy Land with Israelites and stay there.” There are numerous verses in the Quran stating this fact. I will shed light on this issue of who the land of Israel was given to according to the Quran in my following speeches.

Okay, if we still believe the Quran is speaking about Jews and Christians for all times, then keep in mind that the Quran is also stating that Christians can’t be your friends. Therefore, if we obey the Quran that extreme, then we should immediately leave the United States and all Western countries that are mainly Christians. We should immediately close down their diplomatic missions in our Islamic countries and close down ours in the West. Why, then, do you go to Western countries? Why, then, do you beg for visas in their embassies? They are Christians and that view of the Quran forbids relations with Christians, too — IF you believe that those are lifetime verses regarding Jews and Christians.

So, then, why are you jealous only of Israel? Why not the West, also? Is that not hypocrisy? The Quran's statement is for both, but you hate only Jews and not Christians. No! You must end diplomatic ties with the West, too — if you don’t want ties with Israel. We must remove this double standard from our life!
Now, let me come to the Israeli issue. Look! I am also a Pakistani Muslim. My father was born in India and migrated to Pakistan in 1947. My forefathers also were Muslims, so I am not Jewish nor Christian but a Muslim. Since my field of interest is International relations, I have a sound research on Israel.

First, let me tell you clearly that I am very much against Indian diplomatic policies. I don’t hate Hindus. As I consider Jews to be good people, I also consider Hindus to be good people. There are hundreds of thousands of Hindus in Pakistan. I respect them as a minority, and I believe they should have equal rights in Pakistan. As far as India is concerned, I tried my level best to obtain Peace with Indians. However, I am sorry to say that India is a snake that is ready to eat Pakistan at any time. Do you see what Indian TV Channels are doing? They are mongering hate and war in the region and provoking their people against Pakistan.

As for me, I will always support Pakistan as my country of origin. I will always remain faithful to my country, and I want good future for my country. I see a good future for Pakistan — if we recognize Israel. Perhaps you read in papers that Israel is doing joint armed practices with India in Rajastan? Israel is helping Indian defense systems. Israel is giving her latest tech and weapons to India. This might cause our radical elements to say that Hindus and Jews are united against Muslims. However, let me give you some important facts.
After Pakistan came into existence on 14th of August, 1947, the State of Israel also came into existence exactly eight months later, on 15th of May, 1948. Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, sought to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan and sent a telegram to the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. However, Mr. Jinnah, in harmony with Arab nations, ignored Israel’s offer. After that, in 1951, another attempt at friendship was extended by Israel and again ignored by Pakistan's leaders.

When Israel received no response from Pakistan's leaders, India took advantage and entered into agreement with Israel. Now, today, India and Israel are the best of friends. Israel is backing India in the Kashmir issue and giving technology to India, which India could possibly use against Pakistan. So, who is responsible? Surely this is not Israel's fault! She saw that India treated her humanely and shook hands with India. This is human nature.

Therefore, we Pakistanis are destroyed by our love for Arabs, who give us no favor. How long will we kill ourselves? How long will we live in darkness? We are dying in Palestinian’s pain, but we are not in as much trouble as the Kashmiris. They are in serious trouble at the hands of the Indian Army. Have Arabs ever felt any pain for the Kashmiris? Have they ever condemned India for her armed acts in Kashmir? On the contrary, they feed million of Indians in Gulf countries and buy Indian products, which makes the Indian economy strong. If, today, Arab countries warned India to pull her forces out of Kashmir, else they would expel Indians from the Gulf and end trade with India, India would pull her forces out of Kashmir within 24 hours. But Arabs have never done that. They will. They are friends and supporters of Pakistan's worst enemy: India.

Arabs have never cared for Pakistan. Thus, I am curious why Pakistan can't have ties with Israel? Why do we care so much about Arabs? Did Arabs care about Pakistan when they made strong ties with India? Just think about this. Think about Pakistan. Friendship with Israel is in the best interest of Pakistan. Nowhere in the Quran or Islam is it forbidden to accept Israel. I will give another speech on the issue of who Allah gave the land of Palestine to in my soon-coming speeches on that topic.

Thank you, brothers, for listening.


—Naveed Anjum

Photo of Naveed Anjum, 2015Naveed Anjum, a pro-Israel, Zionist Muslim, is the founder and owner of this blog. He also is the founder of several Facebook groups and pages. To learn more about Naveed, continue to his About page…



English Transcript of My Speech to Pakistan for Recognition of Israel — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! Very rational, logical, and historical. Naveed did a superb job of lining up his issues as he ultimately questions the necessity of prolonging the habit s of hate and poor relations with Christians and Israelis. Can’t wait to read his next installment.

  2. Never understanding kept asking Father God help me understand Jews ?
    ? Early 1960’s Radio Arthur & Chira Kaplan answered many years of ?!? ✝️
    Started as early as young girl – “why R we Christians different from Jews “ ???
    Late 1930’s – after WWll couldn’t believe Churches SILENCE AFTER WAR PICTURES
    GRAMMA B https://israelislegitimate.siterubix.com/english-translation/#more-2691

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