Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 2

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By Naveed Anjum

Israiliyyat or Israliyaat are Biblical resources used in IslamIsrael — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dThere is a serious lack of knowledge prevalent in Islamic countries, because the Media does not correctly inform people with truth and facts, and our Islamic priests and scholars fail to adequately inform our people with sufficient true, religious facts.

Israiliyyat or Israliyaat are Biblical resources used in Islam
Israiliyyat or Israliyaat are Biblical resources used in Islam.

Thus, it is my goal to properly educate people with correct information taken from Islamic resources and, where needed, available Biblical resources, called Israeliyat in Islam. The introduction of this term, Israliyaat, requires a clear explanation of its meaning and necessity, before moving deeper into our subject.

If we study the stories of Biblical prophets that are found in the Quran, we will discover the Quranic stories are incomplete and, in most cases, out of context. If the reader should read the story of any biblical prophet in the Quran, they will be unable to understand the correct chronology of events involving them. To explain, part of a story may be in one chapter and another part in different chapter. In addition to that, Quranic stories leave many unanswered questions in readers’ minds.

For example, you cannot understand the story of Prophet Job in the Quran unless you read the Bible, which gives the full context of the story. Likewise, every Muslim knows that Joseph’s wife’s name was Zuleikha. However, it is the rare Muslim who knows that information came to Muslims from Talmudic resources, and that the Quran does not even mention the name, Zuleikha. These are but 2 examples.

I will come up with more traditions and Quranic verses in the following episodes.

Thank you.

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