Views: 274 Support This Cause By Naveed Anjum Dear Friends and members,My main aim is to create awareness in Muslims and other Anti-Semites regarding the facts about Middle East which they are deprived of due to biased international media. ***PAYPAL … Continue reading

English Script of My Video Message to Indian and Paki Muslims (“Hypocrisy Against Jews and Christians”)

Views: 40By Naveed Anjum Hello. I am a Pakistani and a Muslim. I would like to speak to my Muslim brothers in Pakistan and India in their own language, which is Urdu and Hindi.  So, today, my topic is “Hypocrisy … Continue reading

English Transcript of My Speech to Pakistan for Recognition of Israel

Views: 21By Naveed Anjum The following is a video speech that I gave to my Pakistani Muslim brothers, and a transcript of it translated from Urdu into English. … Continue reading

Muslim and Jewish Argument over the Land Of Israel (A Sample)

Views: 38By Naveed Anjum Muslim versus Jew Jewish Argument: The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. God gave it to the children of Israel. Even your Qur’an confirms this fact in numerous verses. … Continue reading

Anti-Semitism: A Key Pillar of Islamic Extremist Ideology

Views: 7By Naveed Anjum Cornerstone of Extremist DoctrinesNo religious extremist group in any Muslim country can develop its ideologies without using anti-Jewish language. Anti-Semitism has always been the key factor or pillar used to produce and grow their extremist agendas. … Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 9 (Final)

Views: 5By Naveed Anjum Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dThe Qur’an also describes the settlement of Ishmael outside of Canaan near Kaaba. In Chapter 14, verse 37, the Qur’an mentions Abraham praying to God as follows: … Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 8

Views: 2By Naveed Anjum Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dIn Part 7, we learned two significant facts: Abraham did not expel Hagar and Ishmael, because God had ordered him to resettle them outside of Canaan. Why? … Continue reading

Judea for Jews, Arabia for Arabs, Part 7

Views: 9By Naveed Anjum Israel — A Jewish Heritage, cont’dIn Sahih Bukhari, Book 55, Hadith 583, Ibn Abbas (the cousin of Prophet Mohamed) states: Ishmael’s birth to Hagar caused strife between her and Sarah, who was still barren. Abraham brought … Continue reading