You may post your opinion in the Comments about the Legitimacy of the Jewish state in the middle East. Jews can give their perspective and Muslims can also give their perspective with logical reasoning. Everyone is invited to debate in the Comments within the framework of truth and logic.

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Dome of the Rock sits on Israel's Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock sits on Israel’s Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The mission of this non-profit work by Naveed Anjum is to prove the legitimate existence of Israel to the Islamic World and other anti-Semites, and to educate the ignorant masses about the legitimacy of the Jewish state from revered historical, archaeological, and religious sources. In addition, the purpose is to fight Antisemitism, and to educate masses on the Jewish history. For this purpose, Your financial help is needed for this great work so that I can give appropriate time 6-7 hours everyday to carry on this educating work more efficiently. If every of you donate even $5-10 a month or even a year, it will help me giving time to this work. Your contributions can help me give more time to this research work and extend this research work to more people. I want to extend this work in form of giving speeches on different platforms so that the Truth reaches the World.

Your contributions promote Truth.

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