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A citizen of India suggested that I consider moving to India. Being a Pakistani moving to India would be a worse situation than staying in Pakistan because India and Pakistan have an eternal enmity with each other. Indians seriously do not trust Pakistanis and their agencies keep eyes on Pakistanis, especially those of us younger than our 40s.

Besides that, Chandu suggested that I am against Islam. No, I am not against Islam. I want to make a bridge between Jews and Muslims. For this main reason, India is not my destination.

I am not seeking to move to an expensive country. Currently, I am considering the Philippines.

I am not seeking jobs as a lecturer. My goal is to launch an organization with a team of professionals who will give lectures on peace between Jews and Muslims as well as showing how Israel is a legitimate state. These lectures will probably be on a volunteer basis rather than as paid positions, whether they are in Manila or Washington. I do not envision that I will, personally, have time to lecture in schools and colleges. That is because my organizational goals are not only to provide lectures but also to engage in charitable activities. One such charitable activity is to assist those who are in danger where they live because of their beliefs. I wish to assist such people in their escape.

I have been contacted by media professionals. However, at this time, I can not afford to reveal myself or my location publicly for safety reasons.

Living in an Indian village with cows and sheep is not my career goal. Yes, there are many sites in India where I could live more than a year for less than one-thousand dollars. However, living in an Indian village with cows and sheep is not my objective. I am not merely interested in saving my own life. My objectives are much higher. Therefore, such places in India do not appear to be where I can achieve my objectives.

If I were only interested in saving my life, I could hide myself in Pakistan without a problem. If I were to leave this cause, my life would be safe here without any problem. As I said, my ambitions are much higher than merely saving my life.

Thank you, citizen of India, for suggesting that I move to India. Unfortunately, India is not a good choice for me, personally, or for my goals.

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