Land of Israel and Jewish heritage – 30

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Land of Israel and Jewish heritage

A series from the book written by Naveed Anjum

Jewish Life in the Land of Canaan, cont’d

The Promised Land, cont’d

Canaanites at the time of the Exodus, cont’d

If anyone argues that Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are the descendants of those Canaanites who were residing in the Holy Land before the coming of the Israelites led by Moses, they are arguing with God. As we have seen revealed to us, it was God’s decision. If anyone is not willing to see the truth, that is between them and God.

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The next verse reveals another point. Here, we see that the Jews had no appetite for war and were reluctant to fight the peoples living in the land. To Moses:

They said: ‘O Musa! In this land are a people of exceeding strength. Never shall we enter until they leave, If (once) they leave then we shall enter’” (Qur’an, 5:22).

Once again, we can clearly see that the Jewish people did not want to fight, but Allah was supporting and encouraging them to enter the Holy Land and fight the Canaanite people. Can this truly be called occupation? If a Muslim is asked why Allah told the Jews to go and fight Palestinians at that time, he would reply that the Palestinians at that time were not Muslims so they could kill them. He would further say the Jews at that time were the people of Moses and were Muslims so they could go and kill the Palestinians.

The question arises: Is it lawful to kill Palestinians if they are non-Muslims? Conversely, is it brutality to fight a Palestinian if they are a Muslim? There are double standards involved. In addition, according to both Jewish and Christian resources, the word, Muslim, was never found in their history. “Muslim” is a purely Arabic word, and Israelites were Hebrews. Not one archeological record shows the word, Muslim, in the history of the Palestine region before the advent of Islam.

(To be continued…)

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