Land of Israel and Jewish Heritage – 3

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Land of Israel and Jewish heritage

A series from the book written by Naveed Anjum

Qur’anic stories and Israiliyat

Hadiths and Source Documents

Hadiths are a collection of Islamic traditions, which include collected traditions, teachings, and stories of the prophet Muhammad. These accepted sources of Islamic doctrine and law are second only to the Qur’an. The word, Hadith, comes from the early 18th century Arabic, ḥadīṯ, meaning tradition.

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The term “Israiliyat” retains a specific meaning in Islam. In the Science (study) of Hadith within Islamic theology, Isra’iliyat اسرائیلیات (of Isra’il) is the body of Hadith originating from Judeo-Christian traditions rather than other well-accepted sources that quote the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Isra’iliyat are biblical and non-biblical explanatory stories and traditions that give extra information about or interpretations of events or individuals that are recorded in Hebrew Scriptures.

Such Hadiths are classified into three categories:

  1. Al-Isrâ’îliyât that are in agreement with Islamic Sharî’ah
  2. Al-Isrâ’îliyât that contradict Islamic Sharî’ah
  3. Al-Isrâ’îliyât that are neutral and not rejected nor affirmed to be truth


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