Land of Israel and Jewish heritage – 15

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Land of Israel and Jewish heritage

A series from the book written by Naveed Anjum

Isaac was the blessed one, cont’d

God described the superiority of the children of Abraham through Isaac in the following way:

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God chose Adam and Noah, as well as the family of Abraham and the family of `Imran, over all other beings.” (Qur’an, 3:33)

Keep in mind that Imran was the father of Prophet Moses, and he is called Amram in the Bible. So, the Holy Qur’an asserts that the children of Israel are the chosen people according to the above verse.

Now, we quote the most important Qur’an verse in support of the existence of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, which is further described in the Bible:

Or do they, in fact, envy other people for the bounty God has granted them? We gave the family of Abraham the Book and wisdom, and We gave them an immense kingdom.” (Qur’an, 4:54)

To understand this verse, we do not need the support of either Israiliyyat or the Bible, because the Qur’an provides very clear facts that are well known and mutually accepted by Muslims, Christians and Jews. Here, God witnesses to the existence of the Jewish kingdom of Israel in the land of Canaan as the Bible describes. It is not very hard to understand through these verses that God gave this Kingdom to the children of Abraham through Isaac and not through Ishmael; because the term, “Book of wisdom,” refers to the Torah, and we already know the Torah was given to the Children of Israel.

Based on the above verses, we can safely conclude that Isaac was the blessed child of Abraham to whose descendants God gave the land of Canaan.

(To be continued…)

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