Land of Israel and Jewish heritage – 12

Land of Israel and Jewish heritage

A series from the book written by Naveed Anjum

Arrival of Abraham in Canaan, cont’d

Who Were The Canaanites When Abraham Arrived?

At this point in our study, Abraham is but a stranger in his promised land. Following earth’s partitioning amongst the sons of Noah, each headed toward his allotted portion. However, trouble immediately arose. Canaan, son of Ham, saw that the land extending from Lebanon to the River of Egypt was fair to look upon and refused to go to his own allotment, which was westward by the sea. He settled in the land that became Lebanon, eastward from the border of the Jordan and westward to the border of the sea. His father, Ham, and his brothers, Cush and Mizraim, spoke to him, saying:

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Israel The Legitimate State Thank youThou livest in a land that is not thine, for it was not assigned unto us when the lots were drawn. Do not thus! But if thou persistest, ye, thou and thy children, will fall, accursed, in the land, in a rebellion. Thy settling here was rebellion, and through rebellion thy children will be felled down, and thy seed will be destroyed unto all eternity. Sojourn not in the land of Shem, for unto Shem and unto the children of Shem was it apportioned by lot. Accursed art thou, and accursed wilt thou be before all the children of Noah on account of the curse, for we took an oath before the holy Judge and before our father Noah.

Nevertheless, Canaan heeded neither his father nor his brothers. He dwelt in the land of Lebanon from Hamath even unto the entrance of Egypt, he and his sons. Thus, we can see that Canaanites had taken unlawful possession of the land. And, yet, Abraham respected their rights; he provided muzzles for his camels, to prevent them from pasturing on the properties of others. It was part of God’s wondrous plan to bring and settle Abraham, the father of Isaac and his son, Jacob / Israel, and his descendents, the Israelites, in the Holy land, as the Qur’an itself asserts.

(To be continued…)


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