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The mission of this non-profit work is to prove the legitimate existence of Israel to the Islamic World and other anti-Semites, and to educate the ignorant masses about the legitimacy of the Jewish state from revered historical, archaeological, and religious sources. In addition, the purpose is to fight Antisemitism, and to educate masses on the Jewish history. For this purpose, Your financial help is needed for this great work so that I can give appropriate time 6-7 hours everyday to carry on this educating work without any financial hectic. If every of my Friend or Reader donate even $5-10 a month or even a year, it will help me giving time to this work.

Naveed's Dying Research Laptop

Naveed’s Dying Research Laptop

Plus this month, my laptop on which I conduct all researches and educate masses through my research, has been dead. I need additional funds of $865 USD besides $700 USD monthly funds as to get a suitable and firm laptop on which I can carry on my work. Keep in mind, your contrbutions promote the Truth.

If you are interested in more details, also visit the Support This Cause page.

Here is the method to donate via PAYPAL

  1. Copy this eMail address:
  2. Click the below “Paypal Donate now” button with the finger/cursor on it and paste the eMail address in the box that contains the words, “Their email or phone number”
  3. Fill-in the amount
  4. Click the “Send Money” button
  5. A window of James Capers (my trusted fundraising coordinator) will pop up
  6. Follow PayPal’s instructions
Your donation will be deposited into my charity’s PayPal account:
Donate to Naveed Anjum through PayPal

Donate to Naveed Anjum through PayPal

Here is the method to donate via WESTERN UNION

If you wish to donate through Western Union click the Western Union icon below, and Inbox me for details.

Donate to Naveed Anjum through Western Union

Donate to Naveed Anjum through Western Union


Finally, if you are not able to support me financially, your prayers and moral support are very welcome.

I thank you with all of my heart,

—Naveed Anjum

You are supporting

If you do not have a PayPal account, they are free and easy to create. Get your free Paypal account, and you can add funds into it from your credit card or your bank account at:

If you prefer to make a contribution through Bank Transfer, please send an eMail request to Naveed at the following eMail address with:

Subject: “Bank Transfer Details”

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  1. Wanted to donate but I see the email address in PayPal associated with different person.
    Can you clarify please?

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