Most people have a misinformed view about Israel because of the amount of lies that are told.

A thread of 14 of the most common lies. Read them so you know what the truth is.

Lie – Israel has a white / European / Ashkenazi population

Truth – Israel’s population is more diverse than almost any nation on earth and the majority of Israel’s population came from the Middle East or North Africa. Over 20% are Arabs.

Lie – Israel practices Apartheid

Truth – They only say this so you associate it with South Africa. Israel is a democracy and all its citizens are equal. Only in Israel – out of all the nations of the ME are citizens free to vote and protected from discrimination by law.

Lie – Israel doesn’t want peace

Truth – Israel offered peace in its declaration of independence and it has never stopped extending its hand. The Arabs states and more recently the PA have rejected numerous, generous offers to end the conflict.

Lie – Genocide / indiscriminate killing

Truth – Sickeningly they want to take the Holocaust away from the Jews – as if Israel are the new Nazis. With Palestinians having high population growth and good life expectancy – this lie is based on little more than antisemitic hatred.

Lie – The nakba was the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinian

Truth – whilst a catastrophe happened (Nakba) – it occurred because the Arabs chose to go to war with the Jews rather than make peace – and they lost. Many Arabs fled the area – as people do during civil conflict.

Lie – Israeli laws discriminate against non Jews

Truth – no they do not. If you look at the laws they list, they even include laws about the Israeli flag, anthem and emblems. You may as well say the UK discriminates because there are religious symbols in its flag too.

Lie – Israel was created because of guilt from the Holocaust

Truth – only people who do not know history say this. The British already acknowledged by the mid 1930s that a Jewish state was inevitable. The mandate to create a Jewish home was given after World War 1.

Lie – Jesus was a Palestinian

Truth – Lol, Jesus was a Jew – born in Judea and unless he was born in the 20th century – there is no way he would have known what a ‘Palestinian’ was.

Lie – Israel is conducting ethnic cleansing

Truth – The only ethnic cleansing in the Middle East that occurs is in Muslim majority states. Almost all the Jews ( a million) were cleansed from Muslim lands. Now the Islamists are pushing out Christians and other minorities.

Lie – this is all about the occupation

Truth – the conflict existed before the 1967 war and before any ‘settlements’. The 1967 war only occurred because the Arab states wanted to wipe all of Israel off the map.

Lie – the blockade of Gaza is wrong

Truth – Gaza is run by a radical Islamic terror group that wants to wipe Israel off the map. The blockade only started because Hamas would not abide by previous agreements and won’t stop firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Lie – a secular 1 state solution is the answer

Truth – the British tried a 1SS and it failed because the Arabs wouldn’t stop attacking Jews. That is why there was partition. Outside of lefty European circles, nobody wants this- not the Israelis, nor the Palestinians.

Lie – Israel is land grabbing

Truth – Israel has handed back land it took in defensive wars in return for peace with both Egypt and Jordan. It pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza. Israel doesn’t want more land – it wants peace and security.

Lie – Israel is a colonial construct.

Truth – The land of Israel is Jewish history. That map the Palestinians hold up and say is ‘theirs’ and ‘Palestine’ was drawn up 100 years ago by the British. Their borders defined by imperialists. ‘Palestine’ is the colonial construct.

David Collier‏ @mishtal

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