By Naveed Anjum

Image of Naveed Anjum - Please support this work of unveiling the Middle East truth

Dear Friends and members,My work continues in multiple areas. Facebook groups and pages for the cause of Israel’s legitimacy continue to grow as members are added daily. My charity work continues as I provide legal assistance to those needing it.

Image of Naveed Anjum - Please support this work of unveiling the Middle East truth

Naveed Anjum – Please support this work of unveiling the Middle East truth

My work toward further production of my research in multiple media such as articles, eBooks (my first is about to be released), and documentary videos in multiple languages with transcriptions in English is progressing. These are produced to alert, explain, illuminate, and inform about the legitimacy of Israel and Jews’ rights to inhabit it.

My materials are for anyone interested; however, my focus and objective is to reach and educate my fellow Muslims about these truths and facts. In this regard, I will not reveal their names, but several thousand Muslims are secretly members of my groups, pages, and blog and follow my postings. Actually, more than 2,000 of them are members of just one of my groups! They read my posts about Israel and its legitimacy and about misinformed Arabs and other Muslims who are deceived into attacking Israel and trying to steal it from Jacob’s descendants. I receive daily messages from them asking for more information. In addition, I discuss (and argue) these topics with relatives, friends, and other Muslims with whom I am in contact.

To see a list of My Current Key Projects: Click Here.

To see a list of Links to External Articles About Me: Click Here

Starving Children in need who Naveed wishes to feed and clothe

Starving Children in need who Naveed wishes to feed and clothe

In addition to my cause of advocating for Israel’s legitimacy, I want to expand my work to another charitable cause… There are thousands of poor and starving children in the area where I live. My heart breaks for them, and I feel compelled to help them with needed and necessary food and clothing. If your donations are more than the minimum $700 in a month, I intend providing 10 poor children with necessary foods on a weekly basis as well as providing 10 children with needed clothing each month. I will post pictures and videos of my food and clothing distributions in each such month, so that you will know where and how your donations are being put to work. I am hopeful that you will support my efforts to feed and clothe these innocent and starving children. Thank you for your kind contributions.

These works are what your contributions are supporting, and I sincerely rely on the kindness of your heart and your generous support. You are welcome to make contributions any time of the month to support this work, although I begin reminding you of these needs around the middle of each month. Our goal is a minimum of $750 U.S. per month and preferably $900.

My situation:

  1. I do not often reveal myself outside for safety reasons, since my work is extremely disliked by extremists and radicals
  2. My full attention is devoted to this cause
  3. I do not take any days off from this work
  4. My goal is to expand my causes to an organizational level

Each month, I will keep you informed of progress toward this goal by posting daily donation status updates until the goal is reached or exceeded. Please donate below through my trusted fundraising coordinator, James Capers.

► ► ► NOTE ◄ ◄ ◄When donating through PayPal, there is a difference between giving a gift of money versus making a payment for a purchase. For my cause, you must donate a money gift by selecting “Send to friends and family in the US“. Also, please understand that using your credit card not only costs me and decreases your contribution, it also causes a three week delay in my receiving your contribution. Please use the following method to donate:

  1. Copy this eMail address:
  2. Click the below     Donate     button with the finger on it
  3. Login to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account—THEY ARE FREE—then create a new one, login, and link it to your checking account. (Please note that a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 USD is deducted from each credit card donation)
  4. Click on the “Send & Request” link at the top of your page
  5. Paste the eMail address you copied above,, into the box that contains the words, “Email, Mobile Number or Name
  6. Click “Next
  7. Fill-in the amount
  8. Click the “Send Money” button
  9. Follow PayPal’s instructions

Your donation will be deposited into my charity’s PayPal account:

Click here to donate to Naveed Anjum's charity work


If you wish to donate through Western Union or MoneyGram, kindly Inbox me. Finally, if you are not able to support me financially, your prayers and moral support are very welcome.

I thank you with all of my heart,

—Naveed Anjum

Photo of Naveed Anjum, 2015Naveed Anjum, a pro-Israel, Zionist Muslim, is the founder and owner of this blog. He also is the founder of several Facebook groups and pages. To learn more about Naveed, continue to his About page…



  1. Naveed, I want to commend you for the excellent work you have been doing and all the people being connected to reverse the anti Semitic, hateful attitude towards Israel we know to be wrong. I am going to be in touch with you. I want to help you in any way I can and I am a very well connected person in this area of our desperately wanted to end this war among brothers- sons of Ishmael and sons of Isaac. Blessings.

  2. Last time I donated it was really simple, but now when I press the donate button, it takes me to the paypal sign in page and then it is just in my account. It isn’t bringing up your information so I can just agree to pay. Please correct it.

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