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Dear Friends and members,

Some of you may not know that I was forced to leave my home country to continue this cause. In the area where I live, my minimum monthly expenses run between US$600-700, which includes rent, utilities, food, etc. Currently, I am working to produce my first eBook and videos to inform, explain, and illuminate regarding this cause. In addition, I want to establish and run a free medical treatment clinic for underprivileged and low-income people who can not afford standard medical treatment. This Medical Project will require at least U.S. $50,000. I humbly ask for your help to meet my financial requirements to perform my essential work. With the addition of this Medical Project, it would also be helpful if my supporters can donate a current monthly average of U.S. $900.

If we can meet this minimum requirement or more every month, it will certainly relieve me from stressing and frantically scrambling to pay basic expenses. Moreover, it will enable me to move forward toward fulfilling my medical project for underprivileged and low-income people. To satisfy the curiosity of those who are concerned:

  1. I do not often reveal myself outside for safety reasons, since my work is extremely disliked by extremists and radicals
  2. My full attention is devoted to this cause without taking any days off
  3. My goal is to expand my cause on an organizational level

Currently, I am working on the following key areas:

  • To combat anti-Semitism through every possible means
  • To expose the biased role of the U.N. and Mainstream Media regarding Israel’s role in the conflicts created by Arabs
  • To remove misconceptions about the Jewish state that exist in the Muslim World and elsewhere by scrutinizing myths and hoaxes and producing rebuttals to each of them
  • To prove the legitimate existence of the Jewish state to the grassroots from Islamic and various other historical and archaeological resources, since Israel’s legitimacy has purposely been disputed by many anti-Semites throughout the World
  • To spread awareness of the rights and enhanced lives of Arabs, especially Arab women, in Israel, of which the Muslim masses are entirely unaware
  • To educate Muslims about extremism, its drawbacks, and consequences
  • To raise a voice against minority oppression in the Islamic World
  • To also raise a voice for women against their oppression in the Muslim World

My active work toward this cause follows in a chronological list of Facebook Groups and Pages and a Twitter account that I founded and/or have administered during the last 3 years:

Active WorkMediaFormatFunction
1.Legitimacy of the Zionist State
24 Hours postings and updates
2.Legitimacy of the Jewish StateFacebookGroupFounder
3.Israel The Legitimate StateFacebookGroupFounder
4.Israel The Legitimate StateThis WebsiteBlogFounder & Source
5.Christian Support for IsraelFacebookGroupFounder
6.Legitimate Israel
24 Hour postings and updates
7.Never Again CanadaFacebookPageEditor
8.Muslim Zionist and PROUDFacebookPageAdmin

If you find my work beneficial and fruitful toward the Jewish State, eliminating extremism, and beneficial for Humanity, please consider assisting me in carrying out this humanitarian task. I hope each of you can and will support me in my current need, just as you helped me to get out of my home country and setup residence in a Southeast Pacific Asian country.

For the current month, I am asking for your contribution of any amount ranging from the cost of a cup of coffee to whatever you can easily afford. If you are able, please consider making a monthly contribution. Or, you might alternate the months you are able to donate. I have thousands of Friends and Followers in my groups who are interested in this cause and support my efforts in every way. Thus, I believe this monthly goal should not be difficult to reach if everyone contributes what they can afford. Of course, please feel free to donate any amount at any time.

Each month, I will keep you informed of progress toward this goal by posting daily donation status updates until the goal is reached or exceeded. You can:


Or, you can login to PayPal and send your donation to:

If you wish to donate through Western Union or MoneyGram, kindly Inbox me. Finally, if you are not able to support me financially, your prayers and moral support are very welcome.

I thank you with all of my heart,

Naveed Anjum

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